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Morning to evening, what it means for Thane at Sacrosanct. PG-13 Rating


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Character Information
Character Name: Thane Krios
Fandom: Mass Effect

Character History: The first thing to understand about Thane is that his people -- the drell -- once lived on a desert planet where they polluted and killed their environment quickly. It was to the point in which the drell almost brought about extinction on their own people. However, a race of aquatic beings known as the hanar stepped in and rescued some of the drell from their dying planet. This ultimately earned the eternal loyalty of the drell to the hanar, known as the Compact.

This is significant, because at the age of six, Thane was given to the hanar from his parents; he was meant to be trained as an assassin, since the hanar could not perform physical activities on their own. For the next six years, Thane was thoroughly trained in infiltration, hand-to-hand combat, utilizing biotics, and many other skills in order to kill efficiently, quickly, and cleanly. At the age of twelve, Thane made his first kill. From then on, he continued to work as an assassin for the hanar.

Some years later, after Thane had physically matured, he became considered the best assassin in the entire galaxy. However, there came a day that he was to snipe his next target. The red light settled on the victim, but a female drell threw herself in front of the scope, glaring defiantly at Thane. Surprised by an innocent citizen's actions, Thane withdrew from killing his target, the first time he'd decided not to kill, because of this woman. Eventually, Thane decided to meet her, learning that her name was Irikah. He quite literally threw himself to her feet, begging for forgiveness, wanting to learn more about her. Irikah chose to forgive him and show him a world outside of killing and work; eventually, the pair fell in love and married.

Once the two were wed, the hanar granted Thane permission to retire. However, Thane quickly learned that he didn't know how to do anything else but to kill. So, Thane decided to become a freelancer instead, accepting jobs from anyone who wanted another dead. In the meanwhile, Thane had a family with Irikah; she had a son named Kolyat. While Thane was as loving as possible, his attention was mostly focused to his work.

This ultimately would be Thane's downfall; some pirates who looked for revenge came and killed Irikah while Thane was away on business. First, Thane returned home for her funeral -- but not long after, he gave his son to aunts and uncles, and set out onto a mission to kill Irikah's murderers. While Thane had always been instructed to be quick and clean in his kills, he took the time to cause her killers pain and torture before he ended their lives. Afterward, Thane returned to his assassinations.

Eventually, he found he developed Kepral's Syndome, a sickness found only in drell. While not infectious, the disease is deadly, formed in drell because their bodies were meant for an arid planet. Living on a perpetually raining planet belonging to the drell causes the drell to lack in oxygen; the lungs break down, and the lack of oxygen spreads to other organs of the body. There is currently no known cure, so Thane essentially found he was dying. With time growing short for Thane, and how much he remembers his sins, Thane chose to live the rest of his life doing justice for the galaxy.

Over the course of time and after many kills, Thane took on a particularly difficult job on Illium. His target was an asari known as Nassana, a brutal woman that would kill anyone who threatened her reputation and ordered to kill her salarian workers and custodians. Considering the wickedness Nassana had done, Thane agreed to take the contract. However, she had several guards. It was likely that Thane would be killed on the job; he determined that this would be a good death and that killing Nassana was necessary for the better of the galaxy.

So Thane pursued Nassana in her own towers, attempting to save as many salarians as he could along the way. All the while, Commander Shepard was on his trail, intending to recruit him to her mission. While Shepard and her crew kept the guards sufficiently distracted and rather... dead, this permitted Thane to attack and kill Nassana with no damage to himself. Shortly after, Shepard invited Thane onto her crew for her mission: to find out what the Collectors were up to, and put a stop to them. Thane ultimately agreed, as this mission could assist in his personal mission to atone, and chose to do so with no monetary charge to Shepard.

After some missions with the Normandy crew, Thane came upon some unfortunate news. His son, Kolyat, had taken up an assassination contract. Determined to not have his son make the choice to live his life as Thane had, Thane asked Shepard to help track down Kolyat and stop him from killing anyone. Once arriving to the Citadel and performing some various research (or rather, interrogations with some select individuals), they found that Kolyat's contract was to kill a politician. The plan then was for Thane to follow the target in the shadows, and for Shepard to additionally track from balconies to give Thane updates.

They were able to intervene Kolyat, ultimately. While Kolyat was understandably furious with Thane, the two did reunite and begin to speak again. While the damage to their relationship is long and difficult, and with Thane's short time left will put strain on it, Thane was ultimately determined to do what he could to take care of his son. In Thane's own words, Kolyat was the only good thing he ever added to the universe.

Some missions later, the Normandy crew eventually gained an important piece of equipment that would permit the ship entry to the homeworld of the Collectors. However, uploading the piece would take time, so the Normandy's A.I. system -- EDI -- recommended that the crew take a shuttle for their next mission. Shepard agreed, taking most of her essential crew with her.

However, this was a trap; the equipment installed to the Normandy temporarily disabled it. This caused them to be a perfect sitting duck for the Collectors; they came aboard the ship, dragging away most of the crew from the Normandy, save for the pilot -- Joker -- who was able to get away by direction of EDI. The A.I. had Joker disable EDI's limitations, which allowed her to eject any remaining Collectors from the ship and into space. However, this meant many members of the crew were kidnapped.

Shepard returned and learned what happened. This meant that they finally needed to take the fight to the Collectors. So the final mission began...

And it is at that time that Thane found himself Waking into Nautilus.

Character Personality: At a glance, Thane Krios appears to be a distant person. Considering his profession, this is easily understandable. Still, he appears to be mostly a "lonewolf" type of person at first, keeping to himself and keeping quiet. After all, being a professional assassin doesn't leave too much room for socializing. As Thane has described before to Commander Shepard, he is more used to keeping his back to a wall and facing the door at nearly all times. It's a lifestyle he's used to, and the changes he has when he begins work for Shepard are a bit unusual for him.

On a deeper level, Thane has good enough intentions; he has a sense of mercy, and presuming his targets are not innocent, he will go out of his way on a mission to protect the unfortunate. On the other hand, if his target is indeed innocent, he will finish his contract without question. While he does have a sense of morality, he does not take responsibility for his actions as a killer. In his belief, his body is simply a mere tool for each kill -- not unlike a weapon. His soul, on the other hand, is entirely different than his body. The physical body is but a vessel for the spirit to him. However, he does feel the guilt of each kill, and prays for forgiveness after every target. Yet, at the same measure, he does not stop himself from acting on a contract. While some would perceive this as hypocritical, it does not change his perception much. Despite it all, it is his intention to make the universe a little brighter before he perishes.

As such, considering both his profession, his life, and especially his medical condition, Thane -- for the most part -- has little fear of dying. During his previous job prior to joining Shepard, he had completely expected to die in the process of getting to his target. However, since Shepard and the team the commander was with provided excellent distraction, Thane had less trouble getting to his kill and survived the mission. Accepting his job from Shepard, Thane fully expects to die on their suicide mission. By doing this, he expects to have been forgiven for the sins he has committed in his normal life.

As an assassin, Thane is a bit unusual, with his thought, emotions, and his religious positioning. However, his skills are nothing to scoff at. Thane is not particularly egotistical about it, but he recognizes his own abilities -- he rarely ever makes a mistake on his job. As such, he has been perceived by many, even the Illusive Man, to be the best at what he does in the entire galaxy.

Powers: Since the age of six, Thane has been trained to kill. As such, he is very skilled with stealth, hand to hand combat, submachine guns, and especially sniper rifles. His biotic powers -- although hardly as powerful as other team members like Jack and Samara -- do well enough. Specifically, biotics are similar to telekinesis; Thane is able to use two biotic powers: Throw (quite literally throwing something/someone around) or Warp (causing physical, gravity-related damage). However, it is his nature to prefer close combat.

As a drell, he has perfect memory, down to the point where if he recalls something, he will relive it, and describe the memory in bits and pieces that he cannot completely control. Additionally, most drell have had an operation to see ultraviolet rays in order to communicate properly with the hanar; Thane is one of these drell.

First person:

I find myself having minimal difficulty in focusing on the aspect of bending. Although truthfully, it is easier to focus on it when related to my biotics. A bending choice, I suppose, or likely simply easier to coincide with my meditations.

However, I am open to other techniques, as I am sure there are many. If I may ask, do any of you have a specific specialty when it comes to bending?

Third Person:

This was a rather startling turn of events.

To his knowledge, there really was no reason for him to suddenly be on a beach. After all, he was just on a spaceship, preparing to go through the relay and likely never come back alive. The mission that they were building up to, all this time.

Then, abruptly, he finds himself at a beach.


The humidity is not pleasant to his weakened lungs, but it is not as if Thane is going to die any quicker in its presence. He sits down in the sand and looks out beyond. Somewhere in the distance is... what looks to be a giant piece of fruit?

Unsettling. Thane briefly considers the possibility that Mordin released a hallucinogen on the ship. Unethical and highly unlikely, but he considers the possibility strongly for a moment. No, his senses are still too sharp. The smell of the sea, he acknowledges. The sand sticking to his jacket. It's all very real.

So what is this?

Contemplations will have to wait. There's suddenly something leaping onto Thane's back, snarling and attacking him. The drell rolls over and throws the thing off and finds that it's...

A table. A moving table with jagged teeth, growling at him.

"A rather. Odd turn of events," Thane murmurs to himself. "I will be shocked later if this is truly real."

The table charges. Thane throws out his hand, expecting the blue light of biotics to blast at the thing to tear it pieces, but his biotics are not responding.

That's. New.

He rolls out of the way of the charge, swiftly moving back to his feet; the table turns and leaps at him, determined. Waiting in a crouch, Thane springs up and punches the table to the ground. Immediately thereafter, he tackles and shoots another sharp jab to the middle of the table, punching a hole through the middle.

With a whine, the table stops moving, apparently dead.

Slowly stepping away from it, Thane honestly... is rather unsure how to feel about this.

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